Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rejected? Keep trying! {Delaware Lifestyle and Fashion Photographer}

Feeling low?  Trust me, as a small business owner who is running a photography business, I know what it's like to put your work, your self on the line and be rejected. I recently entered a major photographer competition, and let's just say, I did less than well. While I scored, which is better than a competition that I entered in 2013, my scores were low.  I admit, I spent a few days being upset, and wondering where do I go from here?  It's like riding a horse. You just hop right back on.

Success does not come easy, it comes with hard work. And if you give up, you will never really know how close you were to making it.  I wanted to share this link with you about famous people who were initially rejected at what they do at first, but went on to become amazing.  You have no idea how close you are, just keep working hard.

This is one of the images that I submitted to the print competition. Titled, "Let them eat cake".  Styling a Marie Antoinette inspired shoot was a lot of work, and I was very proud of this image. The model loved the way she looked.  I scored very low on this image at competition. But I will not give up. 

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