Monday, December 27, 2010

{Baby Session: Bruce}

I have been waiting excitedly to post some pictures from this session.  Before Christmas, I did a newborn session with an adorable little gentleman named Bruce. Bruce was 2 weeks old at the time, and quickly stole my heart.  He loved looking directly into the camera and making eye contact.  I love when babies do that!  And he was also very wriggly! At one point I laid him on his stomach, and at only two weeks old, he rolled from his stomach to his side to his back! We were all in awe of the little man! Plus this shoot was extra special because my new props came in and I was very excited to use them!  So I will not hold you any longer, here are some of my favorites from his session.

And if you remember Jon Jon's Maternity session from a few weeks ago, I am proud to say that she has given birth to her son Ian Trent!  I can't wait to see them!

Now as for other things, I am working furiously to finish my website, so I can release it on New Years Day.  It was almost complete before, but I had a change of creative design, erased it, and started over. I can't help it, I am not an artist. And I will never publish anything whether it be a website, photograph, or even a facebook status update that I am not satisfied with!

And also, leave it to me to get sick the days after Christmas! But it's ok though, I am a trooper, and although my throat is killing me, I am pushing through.  I will be better for New Years Eve! Besides there is a big party, I have a gorgeous dress and I am not missing this for anything.

I am very excited for the New Year though.  It already looks like 2011 is going to be a great year for me and my business.  I have already accomplished quite a few of my personal and business goals.  I am looking forward to my photography sessions being featured on 3 online wedding publications come the New Year, and that makes me very excited.  A new website, new equipment, everything is going to be awesome!  And no matter how much work I do, I still have to thank all of you! All of the awesome couples that I photographed for their engagements and weddings. All of the awesome moms for their maternity sessions, the parents for bringing in their newborns and trusting them with me (I have a way with the babies), and the families for letting loose and having fun for their family sessions.  Although I enjoy the winter and the snow, I am definitely looking forward to warmer weather! More engagement sessions, more fun family sessions, more fun bridals!  I can't wait!!!
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

{Maternity Session: Jon Jon}

Earlier this week I headed into Philadelphia to photograph a good friend of mines maternity session. Jon Jon and I met at the Steampunk Worlds Fair back in May, and because of her I was introduced to a whole new group of awesome people. So it was great seeing her again especially after seeing her with her baby bump this summer at the Maryland Renaissance Fair. (we tend to to faires alot). Jon Jon is 7 months pregnant, and is going to be an awesome mama! She already has little costumes picked out for her boy already (we also do a lot of costuming), so I will be living motherhood vicariously through her. Here are a few of my favorite shots of that day.

Now can I just say that I absolutely adore that robe she is wearing?!?  I want one so bad (she is on the search to find me one!).  Once I have one, I will be happy.  So besides the normal maternity shots, we decided to throw in a little extra in, and go with what I call "baby belly boudoir", which was fun!!

Thanks Jon Jon for being an awesome model, and I can't wait to see the little one!!!
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

{Rock the Dress:Amniata}

Last week I had a pretty big bridal session down in Maryland. I teamed up with Belle Soeur Styles and in the freezing cold, they dolled these lovely ladies up and I photographed them. So over the next few days I will be posting each mini-session. Up now, we have Amniata, who is absolutely gorgeous. And her gown, to die for. Very sleek and elegant, reminds me of old Hollywood glamor. This dress is AMAZING! You know I pretty much love all things vintage, but this...jaw dropping. I love dress, what can I say?

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{Random Things About Me!}

It's snowing outside, and since I have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do inside, I am procrastinating.  It is fun procrastination though!  For I am about to give you a very informative and entertaining read.  I am going to tell you some random things about myself and my life that you did not know about.  I think it's important to not only know your photographer on a professional level, but also on a friendly level.  I know for me, I always feel more comfortable with people that have some of the same interests as me, and trust me I have a wide and random range of interests. So here we go!

Before I was a photographer, I worked as computer tech support.

When I first met my husband, it was not the fairytale romance that most people think. Due to something he said, I actually screamed at him, told him he was disgusting, and that he better not talk to me again.  Almost 7 years later and we are still going strong from our first encounter!

I have an obsession with turtles, owls, and elephants.  I think they are absolutely precious!  I would love to actually feed a baby elephant one day!

I love all things vintage!  The 1950's is my favorite time frame.  I spend much of my sewing time making big swing dresses and pencil skirts.

Every summer, I become something else. What is that something else?  A rennie!!! I love attending Renaissance Fairs. I go to the Maryland and Pennsylvania renaissance fair every summer, at least 6 times.  In fact, there are times where I prefer wearing my "ren garb" (corsets, skirts, chemises, etc) rather than regular clothing

I am terrified of the ocean. Well terrified is not the right word. But you will never see me on a cruise.  If I can't see land then it is a no no for me!

I love three other men besides my husband.  Prince, Johnny Depp, and the host from Dirty Jobs-Mike Rowe.

I think babies are very intriguing, and I love them!

I love to sleep, I sleep a lot.

I am a big kid at heart, I love Disney. My husband and I both do.  We went to Disney World to celebrate our engagement and for our honeymoon.

Tea? Bring it on! I am an avid tea drinker, and I love all sorts of tea.

If it is crafty, I will attempt it. I love to sew, draw, craft, scrapbook and all that good stuff.  I love making things with my hands

I am originally from New York City.  Delaware isn't too bad, besides...I got a husband out of it!

I have been told I have a great sense of humor, I am always laughing about something or making other people laugh.

Sad commercials about pets make me cry.

In fact, I can pretty much cry at the drop of a hat. Yes, I get emotional when I photograph the first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, etc.

I am overly dedicated to my job. I have shot weddings with a pulled groin and back muscles!

I am a huge Dr. Who fan. In fact, my old license plate says "WHOVIAN", it is now hanging in my living room.

I love listening to bagpipes and drums. I have been told I must have been Scottish in a past life.

My favorite foods are bread and cheese. I love pizza. I seriously can't get enough of it.

My husband and I enjoy having "nerd offs", learning useless facts and trivia and then quizzing each other.

I love snow,building snow men and snow forts and having snowball fights.

My favorite season is summer. During the summer I am rarely inside of the house!

And for now, I think that is it! If you have any other questions about me feel free to ask! I would love to put together a video answering your questions!!! <3
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{My Grandfathers Birthday!!!}

My grandfather. An amazing man. He is funny, no, hilarious actually. He loves all his family.  He is the type of man that is in dress pants and a button up shirt every day.  I think I have seen him in denim probably 3 times in my entire life.  He always has the best stories to tell, I think that is actually part of being a grandfather, telling stories.  Any who, this past Wednesday, December 8, was my grandfathers birthday, he turned 82.  We gave him gifts, had dinner (country ham and grits) and had cake!  December is a full month for my family, besides my grandfathers birthday, my grandmothers birthday is also coming up (12/20), and their wedding anniversary is on Christmas!!!  My grandparents have been together for 62 years, wow.  I've only been married for two.  62 years is a whole lifetime.  That is LOVE <3  Alright, so before I continue to babble here are a few quick shots of my grandads birthday!

Here are my grandparents cracking up about something.  When the whole family gets together, it's non stop laughter.

Here is my grandad and my grandma reading the birthday cards.  Although, I don't know why my grandma is reading the cards

And now...time for cake!!!

Let's blow out the candles!!!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

{Rock the Dress/Rock the Frock: Polly and Josh}

Let me set the scene for you.  A tall gorgeous redhead in a custom designed 1950's inspired wedding dress.  A tall bearded gentleman in a suave hat and perhaps the most awesome vintage mens jacket ever.  Then let's add dark teal peep toe pumps, and a bouquet made of sparkling brooches and pins.  What does all of that add up to?  Polly and Josh's epic Rock the Dress/Rock the Frock session!  Oh, and let's not forget that it was about 30 degrees outside, but from the looks of the photos, you can never tell!

Once again, I know I always gush over how much I love my clients, but each new couple or person or baby I work with, makes me love it anymore.  Polly has a love of vintage as much, if not more than I do. In fact, her gorgeous wedding gown was from Dolly Couture.  And I have been drooling over a Dolly Couture wedding gown for ages now, although I am already married.  Josh is a fan of Prince, and plays D&D, which my husband also plays, so they hit it off immediately during the shoot.
Despite the freezing weather, this shoot was well worth it.  While editing, I fell in love with every single image!  So thank you Polly and Josh for letting me capture how awesome the two of you are together, and for being troopers in the cold!  And special thanks to the team from Belle Soeur Styles for the hair and makeup! <3

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

{Baby Mania!}

It's Saturday! Yay!  I love the weekends. Now although I have a job where I pretty much make my own hours and am not in an office, something about Saturdays, the weekend in general still gets my excited. And I will admit, if I wake up early enough, I still watch some Saturday morning cartoons.

But this Saturday I did no such thing!  In fact, I've been browsing one of my favorite sites,, in a search to find adorable props for my baby sessions.  For some reason, seeing a baby in an over sized hat or flower head band just makes my heart squeal.  And while I started posting some of the links on my Facebook Fan Page, I decided to just dedicate a blog post (and eventually a blog page) to all adorable baby things, so that you too can order your baby adorable items for them to wear while they are being photographed, and to wear in general. Because let's face it. Babies are cute.  You know, I know it, the world knows it.

So here are some great Etsy shops and their amazing little items for babies. Trust me when I say, I will be ordering some to keep as props for baby sessions, although I must restrain myself from buying them all!  But I think you should buy some too, because after all, babies+hats=adorable.

Props to You-

Ashley's HomeSpun-


SweetPea Pods-

Oops I Knit It Again-

Fashion Touch-

Happy shopping!
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{Baby Session: Serenity Rose}

I know that I constantly gush about how much I love my clients, but I seriously do love my clients. I love everyone that I photograph. Besides weddings, my next obsession are babies. I can't get over just how amazingly adorable they are. They have their own little personalities and their own little expressions. One thing I have learned with photographing babies is that we are on their time! If the baby is not happy, no photos are being taken! Although there are some cute photos of angry babies. And obviously you have to keep the baby warm. Apparently I have a magic blanket and the magic touch that seems to calm the little ones down and put them to sleep. All babies love me!

On Monday I had the pleasure of photographing the gorgeous little Serenity Rose. I was very excited for this shoot as I did her mother Katies, maternity session a few months back. We were all waiting for Serenity aka Reny to make her entrance into the world. Let me tell you, her personality is alright out and ready. She was so active. I have never seen a two week old baby crawl off the pillow! Here are a few of my favorite images from Reny's session. Enjoy!

Also, don't forget!  My new site will be released in January! The blog will still the same, but the site will totally be redone, and I am so excited.  And baby/kid/family sessions are only $75 till the New Year.  Take advantage of this offer while you can!

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