Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday and my new favorite treat {Delaware Lifestyle Portrait & Fashion Photographer}

Last night, sometime past midnight my husband and I were sitting in bed and were trying to figure out the date. He still thought it was January, so when I told him it was actually February, but February 2nd, he was baffled.  It seems like we missed two days of time!  And then a Star Trek episode came on that dealt with the ship going through a worm hole and skipping 24 hours of time.  Weird, huh?

So before I go off on my nerd tangent about space and time, let's talk about today, and it being Super Bowl Sunday! I am actually more excited for the Puppy Bowl and the Half time show. I don't necessarily have a favorite team. But one of my favorite things about super bowl Sunday?  Hot wings!  Well, I love hot wings anyway, and I can literally eat them every single day of the week.  Since today is the day where pounds of hotwings and ranch and bleu cheese dressing will be consumed, I of course wanted wings. But with no wings in the house, what was I to do?

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites!

That's right, buffalo cauliflower bites. The recipe is here:

The verdict? They are absolutely delicious! I have no idea how, but it tastes like chicken! Even down to the texture. My family loves it, and it is so much healthier than hot wings. This is my new favorite snack! I just wanted to share.

So go off and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Oh, did I mention? I blogged the entire month of January! I completely my goal!

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