Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More Steampunk Awesomeness!

I did it! I did 31 blogs for the month of January. Now mind you, I did not blog every single day, some days I had to play catch up, but they are all there!  All 31 of them! Will I do this challenge again? We will see. It definitely opened my eyes up to time management and coming up with interesting content. You would think that after being in business for close to five, or is it six? years now, I would have mastered time management.  The truth it, some days I am a pro at it, other days I am so exhausted, I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Now on to other news! Some of you know that I will have a vending room at The Steampunk Worlds Fair.  This is the first time I am vending, and I am so excited and so honored to have been chosen!  I will be doing Victorian inspired boudoir sessions and creative portraits for ladies and gents. Trust me when I say, people go all out on their costuming! It is an amazing thing.

I have recently teamed up with Goth Fae-Steampunk Doilie, and she will have some of her items in my vending room that people can wear during their shoots. She seriously has amazingly gorgeous clothing and lingerie, so I suggest that you check her out!  Tell her that I sent you! https://www.facebook.com/GothFae.SteampunkDollie

If you are heading to the Steampunk Worlds Fair this year, be sure to stop by my vending room and visit me!!!!

Oh, and I will be doing the first of a couple of sessions for my Steampunk series over on my fashion/creative portraiture website, www.MarisaSeasan.com  Be sure to stop by soon and check it out.
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