Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June is for Dads! {Delaware and Pennsylvania Family, Baby, and Maternity Photographer}

The first person that held Charlotte was my husband. Minutes after she was born and the cord was cut, he had her in his arms, rocking her, holding her close, and singing to her.  She was wide awake and so alert. I know that doctors say that children can't see and focus when they were born, so she may not have seen him physically, but it felt as though her eyes were locked on to his heart, his soul.  Just minutes after her being born, he was in love.

And that is why Fathers Day is so special. The love that dads have for their kids is amazing.  Falling in love with a tiny human before you even see them, or even falling in love with a child that is not yours, but you raise as your own.

So as a thank you to all of the dads out there, and this includes the uncles, granddads, cousins, and men who fill the shoes of dads everywhere, I have something special for you.

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Book your session from now until Fathers Day (6/16/2013-Sunday), and you receive $50 off of your session fee or a $50 print credit!  The choice is yours!

As always, you can purchase gift certificates and gift these sessions as gifts!

Also, don't forget to spread the word. For every person that you refer that books, YOU receive a $25 print credit as my way of saying "Thank you". |
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