Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Why do you charge so much!?" {Delaware Newborn, Family, and Child Photographer}

It's something that most new photographers, and even well established photographers dread.  "Why should we choose you when (insert other photographer/studio) charges less".  It's a hard thing trying to sell yourself, your artistic vision, and your skill.  But one of the things that makes this industry great is that there is a photographer for every budget.  So sometimes one client might not fit into your budget, and that is ok.  You don't have to lower your pricing, especially after years of building your skills and working out your numbers to make a living.  There will be some clients that come to you, and don't need to be sold, they have already seen your work and loved it!  There will be some that are a little hesitant in paying what you are charging, and in those cases you can go two ways. Educating them on your value as a photographer, or wishing them the best in finding them a photographer that better suits their needs. And you know what? That is ok!

It has taken me years to get to the point where I am comfortable in selling myself. I know my value, I know my skills.  I know what I want to shoot, how to shoot it, and how to make my clients look amazing during their sessions.  I know that I offer an experience, and not just taking photos.  I work with you before hand to set up your perfect session. What to wear, props to bring, the perfect time of day for the best lighting.  I work to make sure that you are comfortable, and that your images turn out amazing.  I focus more on capturing the perfect images than looking at the clock. I have spent the time to go through and offer products that will look amazing in your home, products that are absolutely perfect to display your images.  I genuinely care about all my clients, and always follow up and check in.  I love seeing the families that I photograph grow.

And while there are other photographers that charge less, and more than me, the one thing they don't have is my eye, my flair. That's the one thing that truly separates photographers. Our own personal flair.  You can give two photographers the same equipment, the same set up, but you will come out with two completely different images.  Two completely different emotional reactions when people look at those images.

That is what I have to offer. My goal is to tell a story, capture the details of life, unscripted.  Give you timeless, classic images that can hang in your home for years and be passed down to your kids as they grow up.

I offer myself.

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