Friday, May 31, 2013

In the summer time...

It. Is. HOT.  It's not officially summer yet, but boy does it feel like it.  We have had the ac on, and doing all of our summer prep. Which means always having lots of water on hand!

As much as I am excited for the summer, I am totally not ready for the actual summer weather. But this summer some amazing things are happening! birthday is in the summer.  I officially declare the month of June as my birthday month. My actual birthday is June 24, but the whole month is mine!  Lots of fun and celebrations.  Also this summer means Pennsic, and Charlottes second birthday.  Which I am totally not ready for my baby to be two years old!

As far as sessions go, July and August are open. I always suggest that for summer sessions, they are done either very early in the morning or as close to sunset as possible to avoid the heat.  We can of course have the session in your nice, air conditioned home, so that everyone is comfortable! *wink wink*  If you were thinking of booking a session with me, now is the time! Especially if you want to wait and have an amazing fall session, because those usually book up during the summer.

So tell me, what are some things that you are looking forward to this summer?

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