Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's time for....NEW!!! (More new stuff inside!)

I love offering unique products that make a statement.  For me as much as I love taking pictures, it breaks my heart when my images just end up sitting on a disc, not to be seen. I want you to showcase your amazing session!  I offer amazing mounted prints with a luster coating, which not only adds stability to your print, but it is protected by the coating and it looks gorgeous.  Oh, and canvases!  If you are not a picture in frame person, then canvases are the way to go.

One of the new products that I am literally jumping in my seat about is the memory boxes from H.H. Boogie.  I already offer the Nostalgia, which is amazing. It holds your prints in a leather satchel, has hand cut paper and envelopes to write notes, and 5 vials to keep bits of what you love the most. The box is hand carved, and is just a gorgeous piece of wood.  And it has enough space to  add other items that you hold near and dear.  I use one to hold everything about Charlotte. Her pictures, her first shoes, diaper, bib, favorite pacifier, etc.

And now, I am excited to be offering TWO new amazing boxes from the H.H. Boogie line.  The first one I call Joy, and it is small and perfect for holding your favorite images from your session. The second one is Unbound. And it is your non-traditional approach to an album.  It holds up to 50 pages, designed as an album spread in a leather satchel, held in the amazing crafted box. Definitely a centerpiece to talk about.

I will have samples of Joy and Unbound very shortly!

If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these amazing keepsakes to go along with your amazing session, contact me today!
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