Monday, October 1, 2012

Lori & Jon get Married! {Delaware Wedding Photographer}

I figured that the best way to start off the first post in October is with a fantastic wedding.  I'm going to be honest, Jon & Lori have so much personality that any other day just wouldn't do. I had to wait to the first, the beginning to share their amazing wedding with you all.

The day was perfect. It really was. The sun was shining, it wasn't too warm or too cool, there was a nice breeze. Lori and her bridesmaids were all at her house, which was a fun scene to walk into it. And then I saw the dress, which was gorgeous!

And then it was time for everyone to get ready. There was a lot of laughter involved. Oh, and I was totally gushing over the shoes and her necklace.

And across town, the guys were doing their thing.

The ceremony was beautiful, and of course I I always do. And then we moved on to my favorite part...the fun pictures!

And after a tear filled toast from Lori's dad, everyone had fun and danced the night away!

Thank you again Lori & Jon for letting me a part of your amazing day. I wish you two many years of love, happiness, laughter, and lots of soccer games!

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