Friday, September 7, 2012

Tips for a successful session! {Delaware Lifestyle Portrait Photographer}

The more family sessions I do, the more I learn about children and babies. How they react when they don't have a nap, if they are hungry, if they want to play.  Now, by no means am I an expert at child behavior, but I have been dubbed the baby whisperer more than once.  I love family sessions (as well as newborn and childrens sessions) because it gives me a chance to showcase your amazing family being, well...amazing!  I know that things can be hectic at times, and you wonder to yourself, "How in the world is this lady going to create amazing images when the kids are losing their minds". Don't worry. This is why you hired me!  I have some tips for you that will help you in preparing for your upcoming session, and help you the day of.

1) Understand that kids will be kids.  There is nothing we, as adults can do to change that. It's ok if they want to run around and not pose for every picture, sometimes the most amazing images come from the candid moments.

2) Don't get flustered. Don't let them smell fear! If your child senses that you are getting frustrated during the session, more often than not, they are going to get frustrated too.

3) Explain to them the night before what is going to happen the next day. Make a fun story at bedtime if you need to.  If they are prepared for a fun day in front of the camera beforehand, that's usually when they are the most cooperative.

4) Make sure they are napped and fed before your session.  This is extremely important for toddlers and kids, especially if you have them on a schedule.  If it calls for it, schedule your session according to their eating/napping schedule. Nobody likes a rumbly tummy.

5) If you have a newborn, keep them awake PRIOR to the session, and feed them right when they arrive. Usually when you keep the baby awake, and feed them right when you get to my home studio, or I come to your location, they are nice and ready to fall asleep. This makes those adorable newborn poses much easier to accomplish!

6) Dress comfortably!  I used to hate when my mother dressed me up in clothes I didn't like for pictures. While I understand that you want your little ones looking their greatest while they are captured on camera, make sure that they, and you are comfortable!

7) Reward system! Aka Bribing.  Some parents love it, some parents don't.  But be prepared to have something with you, during your session, that you can reward your child with. Happy children=happy pictures!

8) Hydrate! Nothing is worse than having a dry mouth and being thirsty during your session. Have some water or juice on hand so that no one gets thirsty.

9) Schedule your session at a familiar location.  Usually children do best in environments that they are familiar in.  So if your child doesn't like new places, schedule your session at a location that is familiar to them.

10) Bring a piece of home. If you are coming to my home studio or booking your session at a new location, make sure you bring a piece of home for your child. Whether it be a toy, blanket, or a picture.  It should be something that reminds them of home and comfort.

Lastly, but not least...

11) Be yourself!!!  It's your pictures, be yourself! Have fun, get loose, be comfortable. It's all about capturing your family as a family. Full of love and laughter, and togetherness!

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