Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Why {Delaware Lifestyle Portrait Photographer}

My daughter is a year old. Wow.  I spent the last couple of hours watching the videos of her since she was born, and scrolling through the hundreds of photos that I have taken of her. Yes, hundreds.  Possibly even past the 1,000 mark.  It's never too much. There will never be enough video, never enough pictures when it comes to her. I feel that I need to get every single moment. Not just for myself, but for her. I want to show her how much she was loved, how happy she always was as a baby.

From being told that I wouldn't be able to have children, to giving birth to a perfectly healthy little girl is nothing short of a miracle.  She is my little miracle. She beat the odds.

The love I have for her, the want to capture every moment of her life translates into why I do what I do.  Every, single, moment is precious. No, I am not talking about the posed pictures that sit above the formal dining room fireplace.  I am talking about that and everything in between. Every single moment where the love you have for your child is multiplied exponentially each and every second. The pictures of us laughing, playing, loving life. The pictures of her unrolling the toilet paper in the bathroom.

The craziness of childhood, and all the love that goes with it.

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