Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 Day Blog Challenge | Day2: 9 Things About Yourself {Delaware Wedding and Lifestyle Portrait Photographer}

Ok! So now we are caught up, and here is day 2 of the 10 day blog challenge. I have to write nine things about me. Tis really shouldn't be hard. I am an interesting person...right? We shall see!

1) I taught myself how to sew, and love crafting.

2) I love historical fashion and fiction. The renaissance and Victorian times being my favorite.

3) I am a renaissance fair JUNKIE! I make our costumes,we get season passes and go almost every weekend during the summer. Except last year, my daughter was due the week before opening day at the Maryland renaissance festival, so that was a no go

4) I am a HUGE Dr. Who fan. And to this day, I do not blink when I see stone angel statues.

5). I know most of the songs from Yo Gabba Gabba by heart.

6). I have fibromyalgia. It sucks, it causes me a lot of pain, but I will not let it win.

7). I've never been out of the country, but would live to visit Hawaii.

8) I was told that I could never have children, and here I have my amazing daughter Charlotte. I proved those doctors wrong.

9) I have a knack for meeting new people and making them feel like we have been friends for years!
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