Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 Day Blog Challenge | Day 1 | 10 Things You Love About Your Job. {Delaware Wedding & Portrait Photographer}

I'm always up for a good challenge! In one of e photography groups that I am in, a fellow photography Wendy Cunningham issues a ten day blog challenge. I have been saying that I have been wanting to blog more for a whole, but for some reason it was hard coming up with different topics. Other than Wonderful Wendesdays..which is usually a day or two late, just like this on. The blog challenge started yesterday by the way, so I'm only one day behind, which is not too bad!

So here we go with day 1: 10 things you love about your job

1) I love being able to photograph people in love. In the happiest of moments.

2) I love being apart of a something that creates memories.

3). I love being my own boss.

4). I love being able to have a job that lets me stay home with my daughter.

5). I lov being able to have a job in which my creativity is put to good use.

6). I love helping women feel beautiful during their boudoir sessions.

7). I love bringing families together and capturing their expressions.

8). I love the community of people that I have met since becoming a,photographer.

9). I love learning about my clients enforce their session, and then becoming friends after their session!

10). I love the reactions that I get when my clients see their images for the first time!

Ok, so that is day one! I love what I do! Now onto day two!
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