Thursday, May 24, 2012

10 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3-8 Ways to Win My Heart {Delaware Wedding & Lifestyle Portrait Photographer}

I'm doing pretty good with this blogging thing. Three days in. Yeah baby!!!  Although I was supposed to have a Wonderful Wednesday post yesterday, I posted day 2 of the blogging challenge. And I didn't want to bombard you with three blogs in the same day.

So now onto Day 3: 8 Ways to Win My Heart.

1) Buy me camera equipment. DUH!

2) Give me a trip to Disney World. Second DUH!

3) Break out into random musical song and dance with me.

4) Bake me a red velvet cake with butter cream frosting. Homemade :)

5) Know random obscure facts at trivia games!

6) Watch Dr. Who and gush about it with me.

7) Go to the renaissance faire with me and discuss costuming!

8) Be an awesome person!

I'm a simple girl. Really I am :)
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