Wednesday, May 30, 2012

10 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8-Three Turn Ons {Delaware Wedding & Lifestyle Portrait Photographer}

Good morning, good morning! It's great to stay up late. Good morning, good morning to you! Clearly, I am in quite a musical mood today.  But let's get to today's blog post challenge topic...three turn on's.  I only get three, so I have to think carefully!

1) Intelligence. I can't help it, I love me a smart man. Or just smart person in general.  I think intelligence is a great thing. And if we can hang out and have a nerd off about a particular topic, then you are awesome in my book. Hey, it's how my husband got me :) I totally went after his brains.  Ok, that sounded a bit zombie-ish.

2) Style. I'm not talking about modern style also.  I love historical fashions. So if you can rock the Victorian, Renaissance, or Mad Men look, another A+ in my book!

3) Genuine. I'm only 25, but have been through quite a lot in my time here on earth (that makes me sound like an alien!). But one thing I do love is a genuine person.  There are so many people out there that are ready and willing to take advantage of you, who have the "what can you do for me?" attitude, that I ended up very guarded. It's nice and refreshing to meet someone who has such a genuine personality, that they just want to be there just to be there. Nothing in return except genuine friendship.

Ok folks, so what are your three turn on's?
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