Tuesday, May 29, 2012

10 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7-Four Turn Offs {Delaware Wedding & Portrait Photographer}

Yesterday was Memorial Day, so technically I was supposed to do today's blog post yesterday, but I wanted yesterday's post to focus on thanking those who have fought to serve and protect us. Again, a huge thank you.

Now onto today's blog post for Day 7. Four turn offs.  Basically turn offs of any sort, not just when it comes to dating!

1) Malicious people. I really dislike people who have malicious intent in their heart, especially towards people who don't deserve it.

2) Bad hygiene.  Enough said. I can't deal with the funk. Unless you are George Clinton.

3) Bad drivers! I may or may not have a slight case of road rage. But I seriously, seriously hate bad drivers. Those that drive 15 mph slower than the speed limit. Those that cut you off, just to drive slower. Those who come to a complete stop on an on ramp. Oy.

4) The Jersey Shore (tv show). Need I say more?

What are your turn offs?  I would love to hear them, we can have a good laugh about it. But for now, I must return to editing photos, working, and being super mom to a very active 9 month old. 
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