Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!

Happy Tuesday! Or as it is better known for today, Happy Valentines Day! It's the day all about love. Now while I love Valentines Day, more so for the reason that I can get a ton of yummy chocolates for more than half off tomorrow, I also believe that it shouldn't take one day out of the year to make you tell the people in your lives that you love them. Tell them every single day.  Do something spontaneous! And do it all year round!  Love is not reserved to one day.

But since today is the biggest outpouring of love, I am going to share with you a few of the things I love:

1)My husband-an absolutely wonderful man.  I truly believe that there is no one out there that is more of a perfect match than he is.

2)My wonderful daughter Charlotte, who continues to wow me everyday, and shows me that love is limitless.

3)Cheese. I love it. Enough said.

4)Renaissance Fairs-I literally live for the three months of the years that the renaissance fair is open.

5)Sewing.  I started sewing roughly 6-7 years ago. With no prior skill whatsoever. Now, I whip out full on renaissance gowns and other awesome clothes.

6)1956 Chevy Bel Air. My dream car.  If I ever won the powerball, trust me, it is the first thing I am going to get.

7)My family. No matter how crazy things get, we always have each other.

8)My friends. Some of the most awesomesauce people on the planet. They are pretty epic.

9)Photography-duh! It gives me an outlet to focus on something other than my crazy health problems. And people love what I do!

10)Puppies. I love puppies!

And that's it!  Have a great day everyone!
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