Monday, December 19, 2011 a good way!

I am going to share a secret with you.  It's not a big secret, well ok, it kind of is.  Nevertheless, you are about to find out something that only us in the photography world know, and we guard it with our lives!

*Cue dramatic music*

Ok, I am being way too dramatic here, but that is how I am in the mornings. After only getting about 3 hours of sleep, because my daughter loves to party through the night.  Even though she is just under 4 months old.  Okay, back to the original topic, this crazy big secret. Here it is:

As a photographer, I am my own worst critic.  I suppose it comes with having a crazy creative mind. And the fact that I am capturing moments of peoples lives for them to cherish (sounds cheesy, but hey it's the truth).  It's a really heavy burden, but I still love it.  It's weird, because there are times when I look at my photos and think "Damn! I am awesome!", then there are other times when I am like "Damn! What am I doing? Why did I even start this?".  It's the roller coaster of emotional and creativity that every photographer rides (or at least I would like to think so).  If we were not so critical of our own work, then we wouldn't be able to produce the amazing work that you hang up in your home, and show your family and friends. Or do as my husband does, whip out his Ipad instead of his wallet to show pictures of our newborn daughter.

So, in one of his Ipad photo showcases, the person he showed it to saw the pictures of my daughter Charlotte, as well as other babies and such that I photographed. And said, "These look like something that Anne Geddes would do!".  THE ANNE GEDDES.  Yes, I had to type that in capitals, because thats just how big it is for me. My first reaction was that it was WAY to gracious of a compliment, and my work is not even on the same level as Anne Geddes, it doesn't even breathe the same air...ok, maybe I am putting her on a crazy pedestal, but seriously, it's freaking Anne Geddes.  I just smiled, and simply said, "Thank You".  While on the inside I was screaming and jumping like a fanatic of Glee and Justin Bieber mixed together.

The fact that this random person, knowing who Anne Geddes is, and compared some of my work to her, floored me. In an absolutely good way of course.  Do I love what I do? Of course!  Do I take great photographs?  Yes!  Is my work to the likes of Anne Geddes?  In my mind no, but in that persons mind, yes.  And pretty's all that matters.  Because I can criticize my work all day long, but it matters on what other people think of it. Because they are the viewers, they are the ones that see it in a completely different aspect that I do!

So I suppose that whenever I am feeling down, and questioning what the heck I am doing, I will just think back to this random stranger and their comment, and keep pushing through.
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