Saturday, October 15, 2011

Love, Fun, and Encouragement

It's true that when you are a business owner, especially in a field as creative as photography, that you have a lot of competition.  You always have to think of how to constantly stay ahead of the competition, present yourself in new and unique ways, and keep clients coming back to you and referring their family and friends.  One would think that with all this competition, that a photographer would get lonely.  We wouldn't have any photographer friends to talk with or hang out with, because after all, everyone is competition.

Recently, I have learned that is not true.

Within the past 24 hours, I have met an amazing group of people in my field, in my area who are amazing!  They uplift each other, encourage each other, and just have fun with each other.  There is no negativity or competition.  The best part is they work with each other!

I love this group of people, and I thank them for letting me learn from them.

Showiteers, you rock!
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