Monday, October 17, 2011

Loving Yourself

If you follow my facebook page, you rarely see pictures of me face on.  I personally feel that I make the weirdest faces when I am photographed, and I end up looking goofy.  The problem is, I am in a field where I capture peoples beauty, so how can I tell them to feel natural in front of the camera and let their beauty shine through if I dislike being in front of the camera myself?  I suppose it has to do with that I feel that every person is beautiful, and one of the skills of a great photographer is making your subjects feel that way.  My past brides and portrait clients have all told me how great I make them feel in front of the camera.  Everyone from my maternity clients who have gained weight, to my brides who have curves.  I love directing people, and I have a knack for making them feel comfortable.

It's odd that I, as a photographer, do not like having my picture taken (well not so much taken, but more so shared with others to see).  It is weird.  I am confident, I am outgoing.  I have to be right?  I stand out.  When I am at a wedding, I am easily spotted because I stand out (thanks for my huge fluff of hair and my height).  So why is it that I do not like having my own picture taken?

I am not sure why it is, but when talking with a group of amazing photographers, one of them shared a link.  It's about loving yourself, and it hits some major points!  So whenever you are feeling down and not loving yourself, take a read.

Loving Yourself-Warning: Women are Crazy

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