Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dining out

Tonight was a good night.  Wesley, Charlotte and myself headed out to one of my favorite places to eat and had dinner.  Well technically Charlotte didn't eat anything since she is five weeks old, but you catch my drift.  I love dining out, I always have.  It doesn't have to be somewhere fancy or super expensive, just plop me down somewhere to eat and have good conversation, I am good.


We talked of our past, and our present, and our future.  Still amazed that we have a new baby.  How much we love each other, the fun we have.  We looked through pictures on my cell phone from the past two years.  Excited on the strides I am making in photography and the upcoming wedding season.  We talked about my excitement for the next wedding I am shooting and of the family and portrait sessions that I have scheduled.  And it hit me, if it was not for Wes and his love and support, I am almost positive that none of this would be happening.  I would have probably taken a different route in life.  It's amazing how things change.  There are times when I wonder, what if?  But I don't wonder too much, I love where my life is at right now.

And a very rare picture of my husband, the elusive Wesley.  Making his, "why are you taking a picture of me yet again?" face.

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