Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer is almost over

Can you believe it?!?  Summer is almost at an end, then we hit fall.  I can't complain, I love fall.  I get to break out my jeans, and boots, and cardigans, and the weather is perfect.  Especially when heading out to the renaissance fair.  And weddings in the fall, what more can I say?  They are gorgeous!

I really can't believe that we are almost through with the month of August, and I am still pregnant.  Yes, you read right, the duckling has not left the nest.  Her due date was August 18th, so now, we just sit here and wait.  I will tell you this, pregnancy, and being overdue makes you learn patience!  I know that in my area school is about to start. Which is funny to me at least. In New York, we didn't start school until after Labor Day, but then again we finished school at the end of June, and here school is finished in May.

I am really excited for the fall because that means weddings, engagement and family sessions!  I have a few friends who are pregnant right behind me, and we are discussing their soon to be family sessions.  It's all so exciting.

I am currently booking for 2012 weddings.  Do not waste time in booking, most photographers book a year out. Waiting until the last minute usually means more stress and headaches for you!
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