Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prepping for Baby

My baby girl is due in two days. That's right...two days before this little bean is supposed to arrive into the world.  I for one am so thankful that I did not end up going into labor at any of my last weddings!  That would have made for quite an interesting story.

Everything in the house is prepped for her arrival. Or at least as prepped as it is going to be.  Her bassinet and diapers and such are all set up in our bedroom. Clothes and other baby items are washed.  Car seat and stroller are ready.  What else is there to do?  Oh, that's right...wait.

The waiting is the hardest part, at least for me it is.  With my maternity sessions in the past, I always talked to the mothers about their excitement and anticipation to see their little one, but we never got to the topic of the waiting game.  I guess if you have carried this child for 40 weeks, what's another few days right?

I will be of course taking a break from photography, my next wedding is not until October.  I will be accepting bookings for fall family sessions, but there will be limited dates.  And I will be setting up some stylized shoots and such which I am very excited about.  So stay tuned for the arrival of our little bean! Hopefully the next blog that I post is one that has a photograph of the little one!
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