Sunday, July 17, 2011

Taking time off

Yesterday was my last wedding until October.  Being that I am due in about 4 weeks, I am now taking some much needed time off before the baby comes.  If you thought photography was hard on your body, you should try doing it while nine months pregnant!  But I do credit shooting weddings in helping me stay active during this pregnancy.  With a wedding close to every weekend, I have been quite active, and my doctor says that is a great thing.   I do feel bad though, I had couples contact me for shooting their weddings during the months of August and September, and I had to turn them down, which is something that always breaks my heart.  Especially when they say how they have been looking for someone with the same personality as them, and how much fun I am, and then I am all sad.

So, what do I "plan" to do before the baby arrives?  Notice I put plan in quotations because I am not one to stick to my own plans typically.  First, I plan to get some serious nesting done. Cleaning and throwing things away!  The mothering instinct is now stronger than it has ever been.  I also plan to get a lot of work for my business done.  New marketing and advertising and such, all things to get me ready for the 2012 wedding season!  I will still be doing family portraits and maternity and babies, but my website will focus directly on weddings, and the portrait site will be re-launched pretty soon.

And of course when baby arrives, I plan to photograph her, a lot.  I really do wish I could have my birth professionally photographed, so I can have one of those amazing birthing videos to look back on....but, we will see about that.  I can say that I am very excited for my little bean to get here.

In the meantime, I have this last wedding to edit, and then I get to, hold on...wait for it...relax! Wow, that's something that I haven't done in ages!  Well relax being a relative term because i'm always up and about doing something, and with a newborn baby, I don't think "relax" will even be a part of my vocabulary anymore.  Then of course, I have a wedding coming up in October, so that should give me plenty of time to "relax".

Till next time folks.
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