Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{Double Engagement Session Love!}

This post is extra special, because it features not one, but two awesome engagement sessions. That's right folks, you get double the love, double the hugs, double the kisses, and double the engagement rings! Why the double session?  Well, the first session was actually shot a few weeks ago, back in March.  The bride and groom used the images from their engagement session as custom labels for their favors. And what awesome favors they were!  Jones Soda bottles. I didn't even know you can upload custom labels for that!  I love Jones Soda, so many yummy flavors.  So it has been a while, but I am finally glad to share the images from Jenna and Kevin's session. Oh, and of course, a huge congrats to them! They were married this past Saturday-April 30, 2011!  Here are their pictures. Swoon!

Now, the next session I am going to show you is from this weekend with Niya and Richard.  They are getting married in June, and poor Richard tore his ACL playing soccer. So the fella was limping all about.  We decided to go with an easy-going picnic themed shoot so that we didn't have to have him walking around much.  Now, this was an epic picnic. Niya went all out on setting up the food and props. Picnic blanket, picnic basket, chicken, strawberries, grapes, crackers, cheese, humus, apple cider, and more stuff! Plus...a guitar! Yay for guitars!  Here are their photos:

So congrats to both awesome couples!  Till next time :)
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