Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{Let's take a look back}

I have something to admit. Although I am a photographer, and I love photographing families, babies, and weddings, I barely have pictures of my husband and I.  Except for those taken by other people when we are out and about at events, we have no actual pictures.  You would think that being a photographer,  my home would be inundated with photographs of my husband and I, but sadly it is not.  There are times, almost two to three times a month where I say, "We ARE going to go out and do photos".  Then we usually get distracted by the nice weather, and pizza, and such.  I even keep my tripod in the car in hopes of randomly setting up shots of my husband and I.  It's not like we don't got to gorgeous locations.  We are always frequenting parks and museums and cute diners and such.  We try to make it a point that when the weather is warm, we go out at least one of the days that he has off from work and go to the park or walk along Main Street.  My baby shower is in July, and I still need to have pictures for the save the date cards and invitations..have I done those yet? Nope!

Being that I am due in August, I am positive that there will be no shortage of photographs of my darling little baby girl. But I definitely want to make sure we have lots of family pictures together. I also want lots of pictures of my husband and I BEFORE she arrives so that we can share with her how awesome and eclectic her parents are.  Also, people pick me to share their lives with.  I come in and photograph them and their families, and even with the most casual photo shoot, those are memories that last forever.  So it only makes sense for me to share with you.  With that being said, here are some photos of my husband and I, that of course were taken by other people at random events. Don't be alarmed at the costuming!

As you can see, with the exception of one image, my husband and I like to dress up... A Lot!  We frequent renaissance faires every summer (I am a ren faire addict) and go to other events such as the Steampunk Worlds Fair. Pretty much give me an excuse to dress up in a different time period and I am there!

Till next time folks. Hopefully, I'll have some "regular" portraits of my husband and I.

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