Sunday, April 10, 2011

{Engagement Session-Jessica and Scott}

In case you haven't noticed, the past week has been raining like crazy. But thankfully today, the rain stopped and I was able to shoot Jessica and Scott's engagement session. Although the sun wasn't out, and it was quite cloudy, the weather was still fairly nice, and we had a great time. We headed to Franklin Square in Philadelphia for their shoot, and for a small location, it does have a lot to offer. First, I passed it like 30483083 times, because I was expecting a huge park with a huge sign. Then, I had to circle it 304930493 times to find a place to park. But it's Philadelphia, what can you expect? Thankfully, being a Sunday, traffic was super light, so it was not an issue.

Franklin Square has a carousel (yay!), milkshake and burger stand (TASTY KAKE MILKSHAKE!!!) and a mini golf course. It is quite a happening little spot. Oh my god, I said "happening" I feel old now! Well without further ado, here are some previews!

I am so in love with the carousel shot. Funny, when I was younger I was terrified of carousels. I always thought I would fall off. I was also terrified,well actually still am of roller coasters. And remember that ride with the suspended swings that spun around, yeah...terrified!  But I would like to think I have grown out of that.

Till next time folks!
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