Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{Childrens Session: Lexi & Livy}

It's no secret that I love kids. I always have, and with my own on the way, I always will.  My latest childrens session with sisters Lexi and Livy was so much fun.  These two girls are absolutely adorable. Lexi, is a natural little diva and loves to pose in front of the camera. Livy, well she is one years old, and at that age, they do their own thing. So it was very interesting to see me rolling around on the floor with her to get her to interact with the camera.  For her shots, we pulled in everyone to make noise and get her to smile and laugh. Grandma, mommy and her sister were behind me making noises, playing peek a boo and who knows what else. But one thing that she seemed to love was the tutu that I had brought for her to wear. It must have been the fluffiness.  Oh, and can I say I loved the natural light coming into their home?  GORGEOUS! Here are some of their shots:

And I couldn't resist, but this image is the coolest little baby in town...

I'm excited, I have another children's session with sisters set up for this Friday. A 3 year old and a 1 year old.  My second tutu should be in by then, so we'll have double the tutu action! I also have an engagement session set up for Saturday, but it may rain.  I swear, April has been the wettest month for me. Days that you expect to rain, it doesn't and days that you expect it not to rain it does.  All I know is if April showers bring May flowers then it better look like I am running through a garden come May!

Till next time!
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