Thursday, April 21, 2011

{Big Macs and Barbecue Sauce}

My husband and I love to go out and eat.  I wouldn't go so far as to say we are food connoisseurs, but eating out is one of our favorite things to do.  We have been together for seven years, and except for the winter months, we eat out almost twice a week.  Even in winter,  we try to trek out in the snow (this past winter was horrendus) to go out.  We have our usual spots that we enjoy.  Typically late night Thursdays, we go to Denny's with friends.  For a while we went to TGI Fridays where they had this prime rib stroganof that he loved, but they stopped offering it.  Saturdays we head down to the farmers market and usually get food from the Amish sector or pizza. Oh my god, the pizza at this place is the closest to New York pizza that I have had since living in Delaware!

And not to mention family gatherings and Thanksgiving and Christmas and the like.  That deserves it's own blog story. But one thing: MACARONI AND CHEESE!

Today we went to the mall, because it was nice out, I wanted a Big Mac, and I desperately needed new maternity pants.  A good friend gave me hers, now while they fit, she is about a foot shorter than me, so they always kept falling off. Let me tell you, having your pants almost fall of while walking in the grocery store is not a fun thing.  But yes,  I had a Big Mac, and it was the most delicious thing ever. But you want to know what was even more delicious, the french fries and barbecue sauce!  Barbecue sauce is my new favorite condiment, and it may be because I am pregnant, but I vow to put it on everything I eat!

And that is all.
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