Sunday, March 27, 2011


It's Monday, a new start to the workweek. I spent 7 hours on Sunday working on updates for my site and such, and wanted to show you.  I updated my start page, and I am totally in love with it!  I have kept my promise to not start a new site, but updating and adding to the site is something I can totally do! So head on over to, and let me know what you think!

Also do not forget, I have the Spring (although the weather definitely does not feel like it!) Contest going on!  The way the contest works is simple, once we reach 500 fans over at my Facebook Page, the contest officially starts with prizes going out daily for one week. So that means...7 prizes and 7 lucky winners.  Right now, the page is sitting at 465 fans. Only 35 more are needed to get to 500 and get the prizes rolling. So share the link with everyone that you know!

And that is about it for now! I have new backdrops and props coming in which I am very excited about! Adorable babies to photograph, and weddings coming up!
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