Sunday, March 27, 2011

{Happy Sunday!}

It's Sunday! The last day of relaxation before most go back to work on Monday. For me Sundays have always been relaxing days, even at a young age, we never did chores on Sunday. We just went to church, came home, ate and lounged around the house all day. Now that I am an adult, married and have my own home, it's pretty much the same. I especially love Sundays during the spring and summer because I love spending them at the park.  It's quite, not a lot of people are there, and I can just lay out my blanket and read for hours, sometimes I even fall asleep!  Which is something I would have never done while lounging in a park back in New York, but Delaware is fairly quiet.

So this Sunday, I have quite a few things I would like to blog about and share with you. I was going to space them out over the next few days, but knowing me, more topics will come up, so instead of putting things on a a back burner, I will just let it all out now! So here we go:

Is becoming a photographer easy?

In one It is extremely hard, time consuming and expensive. I will tell you this though, I have not regretted it.  Sure, the desire and passion for photography is a huge aid in pushing you to pursue a career, but it takes a lot more than just desire.  Besides purchasing equipment, because obviously you need a camera for this career, you also need to purchase and invest into a lot of other things and this is where it starts getting expensive.  There are many out there who are totally going about the wrong way in becoming a business, and this can be detrimental to their careers as well to the memories of their clients, because if something goes wrong, then what is there to do?  Let's start with insurance. For your own protection you need both liability and equipment insurance. If someone trips over your camera bag or lighting stand at a wedding, and they blame you, you don't want everything you have worked for to go down the drain. Or what if, God forbid you leave your equipment in the car, and it is stolen. That is thousands of dollars worth of equipment that is gone, just like that, and it could take quite a while to acquire what you had before.  And talking about equipment, let me not even get started on that.  My two favorite words when it comes to equipment are "main" and "backup". Trust me when I say, you need  backup of everything. You even need a backup of your backup!  Backup cameras, backup lenses, backup flash units, backup cf cards, backup lighting, backup batteries, the list goes on and on.  You do not want to be at a wedding, have your camera or lens drop and that is the end.

I actually had an engagement shoot a few weeks ago where one of my favorite lenses dropped onto concrete steps and broke (thankfully I was able to have it fixed later on), but if that was my only lens, then the shoot would have been over and the couple would have been unhappy. I cannot stress enough how important backups are! In addition to equipment and insurance, you need to get a business license, and the fees vary from state to state. And one big thing, that many seem not to take into consideration is taxes. As a business you MUST pay taxes. If you are not paying taxes then you are not as professional as you think you are.  Plus there is the cost of advertising and promoting, purchasing business cards and such, and many times, especially in the beginning, the weddings or events you shoot are at a cost to you, but as you go on, you will start making a profit.

For me, I am thankful that the stars aligned correctly for me.  With support and knowledge from friends and other professionals, I was able to embark on this adventure (and I say adventure because it truly is), and for me, I am exactly where I want to be. Living life, having fun, and having a job where I LOVE doing what I do.

But in the end, no matter how hard I push for my business, or how strong my desire is, I would not be where I am without YOU. My clients, are the ones who made me successful. If it was not for them, I would just be another "starving artists", and I cannot express how thankful I am to them for all that they do, their awesome words, their trust, and their support.


What is this textographer?  Well, I found this on Offbeat Mama a few days ago, and I absolutely fell in love with it.  Basically, the folks over at take a picture that you submit, and then make the image out of words. The words can be lyrics to a song, a poem, a love letter, anything that you would like. But the words themselves compose the actual picture. It is AMAZING!  If you are looking for a very unique wedding item, or a gift for anyone, then this is perfect. My husband and I are planning to take one of my maternity photos and our daughters newborn photo (she is due August 18!) and have them compose one of the pictures from the lyrics of "Mother Earth Father Time" from Charlotte's Web (our daughters name is going to be Charlotte!) and the other picture will be composed from a letter we both will write her.  I cannot wait!  But definitely check them out! With that being said, I have included a link to my favorite rendition of the song: Mother Earth Father Time

And next up is a letter I received a few days ago and it almost moved me to years. I am quite an emotional person if you can't tell.  The letter was from a guest at a wedding I shot two years ago (wow I can't believe it has been two years!).  I thought I would share it and share what I sent back:

dear marisa

hello! my name is lauren, two years ago you shot the wedding of my very good friend sara. im almost positive that you dont remember me, but during dinner you were seated at my table, and we sat and talked a lot about business and dreams and just random stuff. i didnt tell you then, but you made a major impact on me, and because of that i wanted to thank you.  i have to say that the fact that you enjoy what you do radiates. you are such a positive and fun person and it seems like everyone you come in contact with loves you. i remember at the wedding when things were getting hectic you took charge and seemed to cool everyone down. you were nothing but smiles (even though it was so hot outside) and i can tell that you genuinely enjoy what you do.  but with everything, there was one thing that you said while taking pictures that had everyone laughing, but it was so profound, and that was "love is only the beginning".  i cant tell you how strong and meaningful those words are, and trust me, it has gotten me through alot. so i just wanted to say thanks for being awesome, thanks for loving what you do, and thanks for being you. you have helped me without even knowing it.

xoxo lauren

Wow, was all I could say.  I have always been taught that what you say impacts someone. But I didn't really think of it until I received this letter.  I mean, just think about it. A simple "thank you" to someone could make a world of difference. Even actions do the same thing. A small smile to someone who is having a bad day could make their entire day better. This letter made my entire day, well week actually!

In other news, um, where did the warm weather go?!?!  It was so nice, then all of a sudden we are back to wearing full jackets and scarves.  We are about to enter April right? Why is the temperature in the 30's and 40's again?  I desperately need it to be warm again. I have some adorable baby sessions lined up that I need to be outside for! In addition to the upcoming engagement shoots!  Oh warm weather, I need you!

Till next time!

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