Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{B is for Baby}

Not that I am going baby crazy or anything, but being pregnant does make me appreciate maternity/newborn/child photos even more. Every little squishy cheeked baby that I come in contact with makes me love what I do even more.  I have to control my urge to squee when I see them. Yes, I used squee as a word. Thankfully my awesome clients know how much I love babies and kids and don't look at me like I have a tentacle growing out of my forehead.  I recently did a mini-session with the super cute and adorably Serenity Rose. I actually did her moms maternity session back in the fall, and when Serenity was born I did her newborn photos, and now she is a squishy faced, bright eyed four month old who is teething!  Let me just say that rolling around on the floor to photograph babies is not as easy as it used to be. But with her cute little face, it was totally worth it.

Now tell me that is not an adorable little baby!

So I am looking forward to the weather warming up. This week into next it is supposed to be in the 50's, but most days are supposed to be cloudy or rainy, and this does not please me.  I am about to go outside and do an anti-rain dance to bring back sunny weather. My husband keeps telling me that once it does get warm, I will be angry because it is too hot, and then wish that it was cooler.  He may be right, but I have so much more options to do fun things when it is sunny and warm!

But that is about it, I just had to share this adorable little baby with you! Now off to watch some random tv and enjoy the rest of my evening.
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