Monday, December 27, 2010

{Baby Session: Bruce}

I have been waiting excitedly to post some pictures from this session.  Before Christmas, I did a newborn session with an adorable little gentleman named Bruce. Bruce was 2 weeks old at the time, and quickly stole my heart.  He loved looking directly into the camera and making eye contact.  I love when babies do that!  And he was also very wriggly! At one point I laid him on his stomach, and at only two weeks old, he rolled from his stomach to his side to his back! We were all in awe of the little man! Plus this shoot was extra special because my new props came in and I was very excited to use them!  So I will not hold you any longer, here are some of my favorites from his session.

And if you remember Jon Jon's Maternity session from a few weeks ago, I am proud to say that she has given birth to her son Ian Trent!  I can't wait to see them!

Now as for other things, I am working furiously to finish my website, so I can release it on New Years Day.  It was almost complete before, but I had a change of creative design, erased it, and started over. I can't help it, I am not an artist. And I will never publish anything whether it be a website, photograph, or even a facebook status update that I am not satisfied with!

And also, leave it to me to get sick the days after Christmas! But it's ok though, I am a trooper, and although my throat is killing me, I am pushing through.  I will be better for New Years Eve! Besides there is a big party, I have a gorgeous dress and I am not missing this for anything.

I am very excited for the New Year though.  It already looks like 2011 is going to be a great year for me and my business.  I have already accomplished quite a few of my personal and business goals.  I am looking forward to my photography sessions being featured on 3 online wedding publications come the New Year, and that makes me very excited.  A new website, new equipment, everything is going to be awesome!  And no matter how much work I do, I still have to thank all of you! All of the awesome couples that I photographed for their engagements and weddings. All of the awesome moms for their maternity sessions, the parents for bringing in their newborns and trusting them with me (I have a way with the babies), and the families for letting loose and having fun for their family sessions.  Although I enjoy the winter and the snow, I am definitely looking forward to warmer weather! More engagement sessions, more fun family sessions, more fun bridals!  I can't wait!!!
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  1. I don't even know what to say, this made things so much easeir!