Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{Flower Button Boutonniere}

Yesterday I was browsing the web for some fun DIY, crafty projects and came across the My DIY Wedding Day website.  They feature lots of tips on creating a DIY wedding with your own personal style.  Among the first page was their Flower Boutonniere tutorial, and I immediately fell in love.  These little boutonnieres are so awesome and easy to make!  The best part is that they reflect your personal style.  I'm big on DIY gifts, because each gift I make is made with love.  This is the perfect gift for a bride to give to her groom on their wedding day.  For mine, I used buttons that I had lying around, but you can flow free with creativity.  If he has a favorite sports team, try to find buttons in the coordinating colors,  you can also do the colors of your wedding day and whatnot. The possibilities are endless. And you can add as many "flowers" as you like.  For mine, I included 5.  So now I am on a mad dash to accumulate as many buttons in different shapes, sizes, and colors that I can possibly get my hands on to make more!  Can you imagine an entire bouquet made out of flowers?  Well, I may just take on that task.  Let me stop babbling and show you the awesome that is the flower button boutonniere!

Stick around to see what other fun DIY crafts I conquer next for weddings!
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  1. So cute! A great way to use awesome vintage button finds from a flea market. Also these could be great little gifts for the wedding party to remember the day. Love it!