Saturday, April 17, 2010

New York, New York

Today, my husband Wesley and I went up to New York City with our good friends Autumn and Jim. I shot their engagement photos back in March. Their wedding is 11-11-11!  The trip was for Autumn, she was going to Kleinfields to search for her wedding dress.  Since, I am originally from New York (and am secretly obsessed with Randy from "Say Yes to the Dress" who happens to work at Kleinfields) I thought it would be a great idea to go. I have not been back to New York in about 4 years, so I think it was due time to go back "home".

So the day started early, we drove to Trenton, NJ and then took the train to Penn Station, did a bit of walking, eating, and then off to go shopping while her fiance, his friend, and my husband walked the city.  I really wish I can show you the dress, it is AMAZING, and I am hoping that she gets it. It is so gorgeous!  It makes me wish that I can do my wedding over just so I can have a new dress and a new party!

Surprisingly, although I had my camera with me, I did not take a lot of photos.  But this is perhaps one of my favorite shots. I'm not sure why, it just calls out to me, and I absolutely love it! I am going to frame it.

I do wish the weather was a bit nicer though. We went from having 70-80 degree days to it being about 55 degrees, gray and windy! As soon as the weather gets nice again, I'm going to drag my husband back up to New York for a day out, and then I can definitely get some great shots.

Oh! Yes, I have an amazing tip for those of you who live in Delaware.  The typical price for an Amtrak train ticket from Newark or Wilmington, Delaware to New York City is roughly $100.  Here is a great way to get around that and save some money.  Drive to the station in Trenton, NJ, and then ride from there!  The parking ticket was only $13, the train ticket was just $21.50, so $34.50 total in comparison to the $100!

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