Monday, March 3, 2014

What do I carry? {Delaware Lifestyle Family & Fashion Photographer}

I get asked all the time when I am out on shoots, what kind of camera bag do I have, because my bag is so cute and doesn't look like a camera bag. I take that as a HUGE compliment! I have a serious purse addiction to begin with, so with all of the options of camera bags out there, I know first hand that it can be difficult to pick one. So here is my review of my two camera bags from JoTotes .  Besides being affordable, stylish, and amazing, these bags are really great quality.

My first bag that I purchased was the Rose bag in teal. I purchased this bag well over three years ago, before I had Charlotte, and it has held up amazingly. I am pretty rough on my gear, and this bag has been through countless weddings, being dropped, being tossed into the car, and my gear is safe inside of it.

(all product images directly from the JoTotes website)

The Rose bag was big enough for me to carry two bodies, two lenses, flash, batteries, cf cards, and my personal items such as my wallet and keys.  When I shoot weddings, I am pretty firm on what I shoot with, and that is my 5dMkii with (at the time) my 50mm 1.2 and 70-300 lenses.  If I rented a different lens, or had more gear on hand, I would keep my back up in my back up bag that was with my second shooter, and add whatever gear I needed.  One of the features that I love the best is that the inside is velcro, and the sections are padded, so you can adjust and move the sides to fit your gear perfectly no matter what you want to carry. Also those metal studs on the bottom keep the bottom of my bag from getting scraped and messed up. I now use this bag as my back up bag which has my two back up bodies, two back up lenses, charger, batteries, and battery grips for those cameras.  For a while, I actually used it as a diaper bag for my daughter.  The fact that it had sections that I can move made keeping the diaper bag very organized.

Now, as a treat to myself in 2013, I purchased a new bag when I went through a rebrand of my business. Of course, I already knew that I was going to pick another bag from Jo Totes, but which one?  After an hour of searching and flipping out, and asking my husband and sister which one I should get, I settled on the Gracie bag in the color Greige. A nice, neutral, khaki type color.  Unfortunately the site does not have the bag in my color, so this is it in Butterscotch and Lilac:

I love this bag because of the size. It is nice and roomy, and fits nicely when slung around my body with the include strap.  Plus the metal feet on the bottom. Also, pockets and zippers!  Since being with my husband, he has instilled in me the importance of pockets, and this bag has pockets and zippers galore. Typically I keep my extra batteries, charger, business cards and keys in the front two pickets.  My wallet and person stuff in the inside zipper section, and I can even fit my ipad into this.  Now that I mainly photograph families, this bag hold my main camera body and my two lenses, with room for my water bottle and snacks.

Both bags are made out of high quality faux-leather, so they are vegan friendly.
The Rose bag was $89, and the Gracie bag was $119. In my eyes, money well spent, and again, the waulity has been amazing.  If you are in the market for a great quality bag, Jo Totes is the way to go!

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