Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Missing the summer

If you know me, you know I live for the warmer weather of the spring and the summer.  I was born in the summer, and I just love everything about it. The weather (as long as I can escape the heat with an AC every once in a while), the long sunny days, picnics in the park, and more. This past summer was absolutely amazing, and it involved a lot of travel.  Just after my birthday, we drove up to New York so I can photograph a Bar Mitzvah, and then right after that we drove directly down to Longport Beach in New Jersey so I can photograph a family session for one of my longtime clients.   Of course, I wanted to document Charlottes first time at the beach.

Call me corny, but i've always had a love for vintage nostalgia. The grainy, fast paced home movies that skipped every couple of seconds, laid with a soundtrack that evoked happy emotions.  So with my husbands I-phone and the 8mm video app, I recorded and made a video of our little trip and Charlottes first time at the beach.


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