Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lace covered mason jars! {Delaware Lifestyle Portrait & Fashion Photographer}

I love mason jars! I know they are a passing fad now for weddings and such, but I will never stop loving them. I have jars all over my house! I use them for juicing, storage, and I have even painted a couple and have for decoration.  You know another thing I love? Lace!  So guess where I am about to go now....lace covered mason jars!

So recently, I was researching Downton Abbey inspired wedding dresses, because if we ever do our vow renewal, that is what I want it to be like.  And through various clicking, I found this blog entry about lace covered mason jars:

Take a look at how pretty they are!

(All images are from the blog linked above)

Aren't they just gorgeous! Obviously you don't have to use them for weddings. They make great home decor.  If I had the clean, organized, well decorated house of my dreams, there would be mason jars in pretty much every room!

Also, if you ever need a project to do on a rainy day, this is it! I'm sure kids will love it.  You can take it an extra step and mod podge the inside, put glitter inside and cover the whole inside, and then put the lace on the outside. So that hint of color can peek through.

Have fun!
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