Thursday, January 16, 2014

14 Days of Love [Delaware lifestyle family & portrait photographer}

It's important to tell the ones you love that you love them. If you are like me, you say I love you sometimes without even thinking about it. And at times, you are so busy, you forget to say it. Or what's worse. You just assume.  So when this link popped up on my facebook newsfeed, I knew it had to be fate, especially since my husband and I just had a talk about this.

14 days of love. Starting February 1st.

Every day, write a new reason why you love your husband/wife/child/sister/brother, whomever you care about it. And post it on their door when they wake or, or email, or text them in the middle of the night so they can wake up in the morning and see it.  I plan on doing this, and I hope everyone knows that I love them!

(image from the blog link posted above)

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