Friday, July 12, 2013

Finding what makes it work {Delaware Lifestyle Baby & Family Photographer}

I have a tendency to randomly discuss life, and philosophy, and all sorts of other topics with my husband.  This morning, while lying in bed, we were discussing our future, which is something we always do.  His new job ventures, and my current journey as a photographer, hoping for another baby, things of that sort. And of course,while we were talking, he went on to tell me how in just a couple of years I am going to be world famous (he is so sweet), and how he is going to brag about how his wife is so awesome.

I, being the skeptical one laughed it off. But he was serious. And when I asked him why he told me this:

"There are a ton of people that take pictures, and thats cool.  And I see on your feed the cute babies curled up and posed, and thats cool too. And I see other photographers that get out there and capture real life. And that's the kind of stuff I like. Life as it happens.  Like a new dad holding his baby. And thinking that this is like the best toy, new dog, and new best friend rolled into one, and it's half of me!  There are two things I think of when I first look at a picture.  It can either be, oh, that's nice. Or, OH MY GOD I LOVE IT, because I feel something when I look at the photo.  You make OH MY GOD I LOVE it work"

So thanks to my husband, I will continue to make OH MY GOD I LOVE it work.

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