Thursday, July 11, 2013

Charlotte's first trip to the beach!

This is more of a personal post (and I promise to do more, especially being that I am let into peoples home every day to photograph their family moments) for me!  The past couple of weeks have been filled with traveling and fun. The last weekend in June, we headed up to Kingston, NY (the home of Woodstock!) to photograph a friends sons Bar Mitzvah, and had a great time! Now, I am from Queens, NY, but barely traveled outside of my little NYC bubble until I moved to Delaware. So it was great to load into the car and travel,which is something that I always saw in my future.

Let me just say that Charlotte is the perfect road trip kid. She loves the wind in her hair, and stopping at rest stops, and the music and sing a longs in the car.  She is just amazing.

After the Bar Mitzvah, we packed up the car again, and headed down to Longport, NJ to photograph Beth (you may have remembered her maternity session, birth, and her son Declans newborn session), and hang out at their beach house.  The first day we got there, we went to Ocean City, and took Charlotte on the boardwalk (it was my first time on the boardwalk too!) and then to the beach.

She said "ocean!" when she saw the water. We didn't even know she knew that word.

She played in the sand, rubbed her feet in it. And then we took her closer to the water, and that's when the hilarity ensued.  But I have one thing better than typing it out, here is the actual video!

It was also her first time on a merry go round, and other carnival rides.  And the lights, oh, she loved the lights of the boardwalk when night time hit.  

We will be taking her back very soon.

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