Monday, February 4, 2013

Finding your passion {Delaware lifestyle photographer- Marisa Taylor Photography}

There was a time, when I had completely wanted to give up photography. I will admit that it just wasn't thrilling me anymore. I was working too hard, without anything in return. And then I had a wake up call, also known as pregnancy. It was then that I realized I had to start focusing on photographing what I wanted and less of what was expected.

I thought I was supposed to be good at every type of photography out there. Weddings, boudoir, landscape, portraits, family, nature, etc. I thought, that as a photographer, I was supposed to offer all of this. And to be honest, by offering all of these things, I was wearing myself very thin.

I do love photographing weddings, they are full of love. I love photographing boudoir, making women feel beautiful rocks! I love photographing nature, because I adore flowers and am a bit of a tree nugget. But what do I love more than all of that? Photographing love and the growing family! This means maternity, babies, kids, and families. That's where my passion lies. So does that mean I give up on photographing everything else? Heck no! It just means I focus on what I want to shoot, and if other things come my way, and give me a chance to be extra creative, I'm all about it.

So my advice to those just breaking out into this is shoot everything until you find your passion. And once you do, run with it! What's the one thing that makes you happy about photography? What do you enjoy shooting more than anything? Find it, and grow with it.

Learn everything you can, continue to grow, and dream big.

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  1. Thanks for that advice! I'm still defining myself as a photographer but I'm starting to lean more towards the art photographer side rather than portrait. I still love maternity, newborns, and kids sometimes families...but I'm getting motivated by galleries taking interest in my work. I might just give up the portrait business all together if the gallery stuff starts working for me. But I'll never stop photographing my family. (LOL maybe I'll be a mild Sally Mann!)