Friday, February 15, 2013

Don't wait!

Very rare am I in front of the camera. And although, I have made it a point to appear in more pictures with Charlotte, I have still yet to do one, simple, gorgeous glamour shot. Thankfully though, I had the opportunity to do one this week. And let me say, I am amazed.

A few months back, a new photographer in my area, Mariah, approached me about talking shop and connecting with photographers in the area.  We went to Starbucks, chatted for about 5 hours the first time, and have been friends since.  She has come such a long way, and has so much passion and drive in what she does.  She wants to make women feel beautiful! And let me tell you, the images that she took of me took my breath away!

So here is just a sneak peek...

I am glad that I was able to help her along her way, and am so proud to see how she is developing as a photographer. When you have time, stop by her Facebook page, Exposed Radiance Imaging, and please, please show her some love.

Now, when my husband saw this, he was floored. He said "This is the beautiful you that I see everyday". And I will tell you what, I was moved to tears.  I now know what it feels like when my clients see their images.

So I will let you now know, stop waiting to take great photos. You are beautiful NOW.  Stop this moment in time, and do something nice for yourself. Whether its a glam/boudoir session or a family session. You deserve it, and you will look beautiful!  And when you get to whatever your goal is, get some new clothes, and do it all again. But don't wait!  Your time, is now.
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