Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Nostalgia Collection Kit {Delaware Family and Child Photographer}

I love memories and trinkets. I love keeping things that are important to me in special places, and going back to open them whenever I need them.  When I was little it used to be a shoebox that I decorated. As I got older it went from a shoe box, to a wooden box I made in art at school, to a plastic bin.  But now, now I have something amazing to keep my memories in.  Pictures, letters, little pieces of things that mean something to me.  Take a look...

What you see above is the Nostalgia Collection kit. It is perfect at holding memories. Here are the details:

Handcrafted hardwood chest.
Approx 12"x9"x6.5"
Designer cloth print wrap
Leather print wrap
Corked glass vials(5)
Loktah paper notes and envelopes(10)

So you may say to yourself, "Ok, so what's the big deal?".  If you are like me, and love preserving memories. Then this is a perfect add on to your session.  First, the quality and workmanship of the chest is AMAZING.  The leather print wrap and fabric that holds your prints (up to 100) are cut to be one of a kind.  The glass vials are probably my favorite. You can store a lock of your babys hair, a couple of petals from your wedding bouquet, a bit of your favorite perfume...the list goes on.

And since I love words, and the powerful message they can deliver, the notes and envelopes are perfect for jotting down what you feel.  I have one of these for Charlotte. It has everything about her.  And I plan to write her a letter each year for her birthday. And at some point, when she is older, I will give her this box, and she can look back at her childhood that was full of love and fun, and read the words that her and her father wrote to her.
Since I am a photographer focusing on love and the growing family, I think these are perfect.  One for each child or one for the entire family.  No matter what, it is a place that will hold everything, and can be passed down again and again...

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