Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lifestyle vs. Contemporary and Glamour

If you have been following me, you know that I have released my boudoir/glamour brand: Be Boudoir by Marisa. It's been going great! I have had the opportunity to photograph some lovely ladies, change attitudes and increase confidence.  I made them feel beautiful, which ultimately is my goal. 

I've also been doing just straight contemporary portraits!  So, now we get to the lifestyle vs. contemporary/glamour.  When you visit my main website, it features weddings and lifestyle portraits. Well we all know what weddings are, so what the heck is lifestyle photography?  Basically it is as it sounds, I photograph your life as it unfolds.  Whether it be maternity, newborn, families and kids, I am there to capture it in its natural setting. Your home, your favorite park, wherever. Very little posing, and lots of candid images.

Now, what the heck is contemporary/glamour photography?  Well this is a bit different. Mainly portraits of 1-2 people. Focused directly on the persons face, and not about total scenery.  Think of a lifestyle portrait with a big of a fashion or editorial flair. More posed images and less candid images.

So what's the difference, and which session should you book?  To be honest it's all up to you.  With a lifestyle session, it costs more, but you do get more images. There are also different image collections you can choose.  With a glamour/contemporary session, I shoot out of my home (and soon will have hair and make-up available!), the session is shorter, and you get less images. 

But mainly, the two types each have different impacts and styles. And if you need help in choosing which session is best for you, I am glad to help!

For example. Here is a lifestyle family session:

And here is a contemporary family portrait session:

So one more time!

Lifestyle ($250):
  • location of your choosing, typically outdoors, your favorite location, or in your home
  • longer session, 1.5 hours
  • more images, 10 final edited images
  • 3 additional collections to choose from starting at $400
  • mostly candid and less posed
  • Perfect for: Engagements/Love session, Newborn/Family (more than 3 people)/Maternity sessions
Contemporary/Glamour ($125):
  • session done in my home
  • shorter session, 30 minutes
  • less images, 5 final edited images
  • mostly posed and not candid
  • Perfect for: Styled and posed portraits typical 1-2 people)

    And there ya go! See you in front of the lens soon!

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