Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow in October?

Yes.  You read right. It is snowing in October in the Northeast.  I am not too sure what mother nature is thinking, but if I recall correctly, we are not supposed to have snow in October! Especially this close to Halloween?  Who wants to trick or treat with sludge on the ground?

This totally unexpected snow reminded me of one thing though:  Do not wait to do things you really want to do, if you lose the opportunity, you won't know when the next opportunity arises.  When I first saw that it was snowing I was a little bit worried because I have fall sessions set up for the upcoming week!  Now grant it, a snow themed shoot would be very pretty, but we weren't going for snow!  But according to the weather channel, the rest of the week is supposed to be in the 50's with no snow.  So I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

In the meantime, check out this sneak peak from my last fall engagement session. This is what October is supposed to look like!

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