Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Little Things

What makes me happy?  Almost everything.  I am a very simple person to please, and I suppose that is why I am almost always happy.  Sure I have my down days, but all it takes is something simple and my frown gets turned upside down!

For instance, my birthday.  I love receiving balloons and cake.  I suppose I am a 5 year old trapped in a 25 year old's body, but balloons make me happy.  This past birthday (June 24), my husband set it up so that at the time of my birth (1:32a.m.) at our weekly Denny's getup with our friends, he walked in with a cake that had Disney princesses and balloons for me.  I was VERY surprised, but very, very happy.  There was also a huge card signed by the "coffee crew" as we call ourselves.  The best thing?  When you open the card, it plays the chicken dance...which is another thing that I love.

I also love when my husband does little sweet things.  Like making me grilled cheese sandwiches (which have been a staple of my pregnancy diet) or coming home with my favorite candy.  On July 4th, we went to see the fireworks with friends.  We walked a few blocks away from our friends house to a field, and of course after a few minutes of standing, I had to squat, since I didn't bring the blanket.  He walked back to the car (and missed the first few fireworks) to get the blankets for me so I can lay down in the grass.  We then watched the fireworks as I laid across his lap.

Pictures also make me happy...duh.  I am a photographer, that is expected.  But I find it amazing that before I became a full time professional photographer, I photographed everything.  Every outing, every trip, basically anytime I left the house, I had my camera.   Now, I take my camera, but I barely photograph anything.  I am doing a horrible job at documenting my life, and I definitely have to remedy that.  Especially being that we have a baby on the way!

So I promise to myself, that I will start photographing the little things again, the little things that make me happy.
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