Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jessica and Scotts Philadelphia Wedding

When Jessica and Scott met back in 2004, they realized that they had very similar personalities and shared interests, but the timing was not quite right.  Later on, Jessica told Scott that she was considering moving back to Chicago, and Scott told her if they did they couldn't hang out anymore.  In 2007 Scott broke his leg snowboarding, at which Jessica nursed him back to health.  They haven't looked back since.

Their wedding was full of laughs and jokes and fun, everything that Jessica loves about Scott.  Especially being that Scott will do anything, including physical comedy to make her laugh.

I love photographing the guys, it's their one chance to feel like they are in GQ.

Look how adorable they are together!

And her dress, I want it! It drapes so lovely.  (Ok, the seamstress in me is starting to come out!)

And probably the most precious moment of the entire day.  This is what makes me love what I do. I swear I look at this picture and get butterflies!

I wish the both of them many years of happiness, and a big thank you for choosing me to photograph their special day!
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