Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Biggest Change in my Life...

If you haven't been reading or seen my ever rounding belly at weddings or sessions I have done, I am pregnant. I am 32 and a half weeks along at this point. And even at 8 months, I am still shooting weddings! I have three more before I take a break for baby.

But wow! I am having a baby. At times, it seems surreal.  At other times, especially when she is kicking, the reality is there.   In less than two months I will be a mom.  I (in addition to my amazing husband) will be the caretakers of this little human being.  We will be the ones who she will depend on in everything as she grows up.

I've always been a bit baby crazy, which is why I love doing baby and childrens shoots.  But now that I have my own on the way, it's just a wonderful feeling.  I am so happy and blessed that my life is going the way it is going.  I have a wonderful husband who supports me in everything that I do, and not to mention makes me laugh.  I have a job that I love with all my heart, and I have a baby on the way!

I will say though, that I am a bit ashamed that I have not documented this pregnancy more thoroughly through photos.  I will admit it, I hate having my picture taken!  Unless of course, I am in some sort of renaissance or victorian get up, then I have no issues with having my picture taken.

I'm just very excited and can't wait to meet our little bean.  Of course when she is here, she will have a camera in her face so much she will think she is a celebrity!
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