Sunday, June 5, 2011

{Fun Times}

Yesterday was my baby shower. It was an absolute blast.  I want to thank everyone who came and shared this special moment with me.  One of the funny things was that when my mother arrived and I was introducing her to people, she was saying "Oh! I remember you from the pictures on Marisa's website!!!".  Yes, almost everyone who had a child there (all except two) I have photographed their maternity, baby session, or even both.  I didn't even realize it until my mother pointed it out.  I thought it was hilarious that many of my friends that were at the baby shower were also my clients who have allowed me to take part of their lives and photograph their special moments.

My life, my friends, my clients, are awesome!

I will be posting the pictures soon! But I do warn you, I was not allowed to be a photographer that day! So I had the camera in my hand for about 10 shots, the rest were taken by friends and family, and I wasn't even in my "aware of the camera pose!"

Till next time!
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